108 2011

My car is getting fixed today. And while that happens I am trapped in a Toyota Yaris.

It’s diesel, so commuting will be cheaper for a few days but it sounds like an almost but not quite blocked drain.

It handles like a rowing boat around corners, which satisfies my nautical desires for a few years, but does nothing for the nerves.

The seats are medieval in their torturous discomfort, although raising and lowering the driver’s seat by some crazy pump action is mildly entertaining - at least in comparison to the driving experience.

It failed to start when trying to get home tonight, which is hardly reassuring for a brand new car. And then, by some miracle, it began after all. An hour and three emergency breakdown phone calls later. Frustrated? Pfft!

It has a nice thermostatic air conditioning system. Very clever. Perhaps a more expensive option than the suspension.

The radio/music/satnav system has an entirely terrible UI. It’s awful in a cunningly unique manner that makes describing it’s (lack of) usability both difficult and painful.

The aerial did seem to function as required!