• "Look Away"

    Shot from above the band perform Look Away

    Who’d have thought it? A quarter of a century (give or take) after their prime… Big Country, in Dundee, at the Doghouse.

    I confess to not being the biggest fan, neither then nor now, but their hits certainly got the place jumping!

    Lead by Mike Peters, of The Alarm, in place of the late Stuart Adamson, there was even a little middle-aged crowd surfing and Who-esque demolition1 of sound kit!

    1. Okay, to clarify, it was not quite demolition, and it was more reminiscent of the RWI than The Who, but he did his best! ↩︎

  • Goat? What Goat?

    2011 193

    Today I never walked up a mountain. Today I never cycled around the lovely local countryside. Today I had real work… playing with our nine week puppy! Carnage in a pint pot!

    That, some domestics, and a cracking stage of le tour - this is holiday living! More tomorrow…

  • Rest Day

    192 2011

    If it’s good enough for pro cyclists…

    This year’s Tour de France has been full of event and excitement. And it has yet to properly kick off!

    It’s a metaphor for life…

    Today was a rest day.

  • Self in the Spotlight

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    A Sunday evening drink with old school friends is a lovely way to give some perspective on life. A chance to reflect on forgotten goals and aspirations.

    The two people I spent the evening with are both living their dreams - more so than anyone else I have ever known. How can anyone be anything but envious of that?

    But then again I had no such dreams. Instead I sought enlightenment and contentment - and have solidly found the latter even if the former is an ongoing life challenge.

    20-odd years on… No regrets, life turned out good! It’s always nice to realise that!

  • In God's Country

    190 2011

    Topped Schiehallion today. 1083m above sea-level, after a 4.5km walk from Braes of Foss, it was occasionally sunny and occasionally very much not sunny! Perfectly Scottish weather.

    Good company with daughter, old school friend, and two of his friends. Thanks to them.

    Decided I had to get back into this hill walking malarky again before I was too old. Given the state of my knee right now, I might be too late! Who allowed me to get this old?

    I managed to get a few pictures, but this is the best of the bunch. The weather was not very supportive.

  • Feline Emergency

    189 2011

    Some days blipping is not high on my mind. Shocking I know! So last minute frantic behaviour can result. Either that or I resort to the emergency cat blip…

    Okay, so we had two cats, but they are now sadly swimming with the fishes. Living their tenth life. Singing with Elvis. Late. No more.

    So where does the emergency cat blip come from? Not a problem! Get a dog!

    Today Maisie was given her first vaccination. All went well, she likes the vet, and she got a free frisbee! But now she is worn out.

    Maisie says goodnight!

  • You Haven't Seen Me, Right?

    188 2011

    Cute and mischievous in equal measure.

    Today we loved and adored our new addition some more, and welcomed home our intrepid explorer - it seems Romania is still standing!

    And into work I went, with careless disregard for my own personal wellbeing, I ventured into my place of employment during a proper, actual, real life holiday. Psychiatric referral can’t be far away…

  • Failed to Boot

    187 2011

    I think the weather is having trouble recognising the knife edge on which my exercise regime balances!

    It’s much easier to stay dry at home and play with the family and dogs, than to travel by foot or bike in the pouring rain!

    And in to work tomorrow, so that’s a great excuse. Er, reason. Er, I really don’t have this sorted yet do I? The mental attitude, that is!

  • Dark Side

    186 2011

    On holiday and still never managed to blip this yesterday. Playing catch up…

    Young Maisie, in her ninth week, is angelic and demonic in equal measure… Her cute run, gorgeous grizzle coat, and diminutive stature lead you into a false sense of security… When she asks to get out to wee, or sits adorably to be fed, you are tempted to thing she is the perfect pup… But…

    Dog and human alike are under constant threat of ninja style attack, and her razor-sharp teeth! Her preferred targets being noses and ears, with a backup of feet or just plain anything smaller than a whale that she can get her canine canines sunk into!

    She’s gorgeous! :)

  • Golden Ride

    185 2011

    Another day another cycle!

    I used to pedal daily, and would think little of trundling along 50 or more miles of country tarmac for a jaunt - not particularly quickly I might add.

    Every now and then I try to resurrect the old cycling spirit, and today continued this year’s attempt!

    The views are nice!

  • Tilted Crossing

    184 2011

    Today was spent avoiding sunshine, family, and puppy in the name of work. The bills need to be paid.

    This blip signifies my return journey. My crossing from monochrome work, seeking the colour of play. The journey was hindered by burning trucks (well truck (singular)) and jaunty angles but I made it home!

  • Half Way Point

    183 2011

    Out on the bike today. This capture was taken at the halfway point (more or less). I like the combination of straight lines and fluffy clouds.

    Okay, so I only rode 20k or so, and now various parts of my anatomy have formed a coalition in rebellion at my actions, but it was oddly satisfying being out on the road again.

    I just need to keep it up!

    And the other halfway point of the day is in getting to my 365 blip anniversary. Metaphorically all downhill from here on in…

  • Maisie

    182 2011

    When an anniversary approaches, and your wife is brooding over her eldest daughter leaving home…

    You know it’s time to get a puppy!

    This has to be the cutest way to start a holiday. Especially when the wee madam is feisty enough to stand off two stunned greyhounds! :)

    We warmly welcome eight week old Maisie to the family.

  • Changeable Weather

    181 2011

    I drove home from work, holiday begun, sun shining, and clear blue skies! Does it get better?

    But this is Scotland. So to the left of me was heavy cloud and distant rain. To right of me grey sheets of rain in the distance. And yet above me, sunshine.

    Arriving home, a little drizzle would have distressed a resident of another nation. Although I generally consider myself a citizen of the world, when it comes to weather I am extremely patriotic! I love it!

    Bring on the (changeable) Summer!

  • Time for Reflection

    180 2011

    Tomorrow ends another year, and starts another holiday. Time to reflect? Today? No time to reflect!

    In fact next year starts next week anyway, so much to sort out… but at least it’s at my pace!

    If the Summer continues in this vein, I will be happy… sunshine and thunderstorms… perfect!

  • Here Comes the Summer

    179 2011

    Blue skies!

    Dog walking is a great pastime on any day, but a peaceful summer evening with the hounds is a lovely way to end the day.

    I am sure that enjoying it too much will be as powerful as a rain dance for tomorrow’s weather - but you gotta love it while you can!

  • Where's that Cat?

    178 2011

    In the absence of a feline subject, I tend to revert to pointless close-up. Sorry.

    Today was fraught with fights unfought and battles deferred. The world above me unwilling to budge when pushed. It’s quite claustrophobic.

    Youngest hid in her room tonight (again, teenagers huh?). Middle is now safely in Romania. And eldest came to visit us!

    How very peculiar entertaining your ‘child’ as a visitor!

    PS: the unexpected visit is my excuse for the cat blip!

  • Go East

    177 2011


    Just packed our adventurous girl off to Romania. All prepared! Passport, tomato ketchup, and pants with days of the week on them!

    And now I can sleep, yes?

  • Double Vision

    176 2011

    So our youngest bursts into the bedroom this morning, 8.30 is not normally a problem but sleep depravation and liquid consumption induced dehydration are factors, and she enquires in her loudest, most teenage manner…

    “Have you seen my iPod?”


    Ain’t she cute?


    That and too much looking at scrawny handwriting today results in double vision!

  • Blinded by the Light

    175 2011

    Extra strength Belgian beer and Isle of Jura single malt. Strewth!

    Inside outside BBQ stay at home Glastonbury festival back garden experience tonight!


    Out of Control!

    And walk home to Bob Dylan. Kerching!

    Light guide me home!