• Apple’s iOS 17 Preview:

    The new Journal app looks interesting, but from the limited demo it seems entirely local, with no sharing - unless I’ve missed something?

    No one but you can access your journal.

    With the integration with Shortcuts, and the potential for third party apps to contribute via the Journaling Suggestions API, all it needs is a little love for ActivityPub and it would be a powerful source for (micro-)blogging platforms like

  • Looks like I am on a triennial blog refresh cycle.



    • direction of next/previous buttons (also missing from posts)
    • post category labels
  • Hello theme edits to date:

    • played with colours and the animation
    • formatted dates
    • swapped the direction of next/previous buttons
    • added category labels to each post
    • added FontAwesome-powered links

    Still to fix:

    • year boundary pagination issue
    • fix About and add Now pages
  • It’s taken two years, but: I have finally set up my, have been building up micro-posting habits with routine repetition, have a vague plan to kick start longer form posting, and have even been theme editing. 🚀🌙