Day 21 of #DoddieAid - more procrastination.

Today’s miles: 4.47
January miles: 184.71

Did you know? - 1 in 300 people are at risk of developing the incurable MND in their lifetime.


Day 20 of #DoddieAid - 5k, with 100m of up.

Today’s miles: 6.77
January miles: 180.24

I said. I did. No pictures. It’s for the best.


Just one of the reasons to watch pro cycling:

“This is the valley where in 218 B.C., Hannibal came through here with 90000 men and 10000 horsemen and thirty seven elephants on his way back home…”

Mini-Stories: Volume 14 - 99% Invisible


Day 19 of #DoddieAid - didn’t get to Zwift tonight, because work.

Today’s miles: 3.07
January miles: 173.47

If I say now that I will ‘run’ 5k after work tomorrow is it more likely to happen?


Day 18 of #DoddieAid - mostly exercising my mind.

Today’s miles: 2.57
January miles: 170.4

Spent my working day in Visual Studio. SSRS. Learning by doing.


Day 17 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift, stage 3.

Today’s miles: 15.19
January miles: 167.63

Zwift screenshot


We cannot get wired broadband at home, so we gave Starlink serious consideration. Coincidentally my wife wants another cat. 🤔

Outdoor Cats Are Using $500 Starlink Satellite Dishes as Self-Heating Beds - Smithsonian Magazine

Day 16 of #DoddieAid - and another 5k.

Today’s miles: 4.54
January miles: 152.44

Selfie in My Name'5 Doddie snood


Day 15 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift, stage 2.

Today’s miles: 11.64
January miles: 147.90

Climbing Box Hill…

Zwift screenshot


Day 14 of #DoddieAid - another rest day?

Today’s miles: 3.11
January miles: 136.26

Meh. Should have been doing TdZ Stage 2.


Day 13 of #DoddieAid - rest day.

Today’s miles: 1.12
January miles: 133.15

Just because I have had enough, don’t let me stop you!


Day 12 of #DoddieAid - my first Zwift meet up.

Today’s miles: 21.95
January miles: 132.03

“It’s his party and he’ll lie if he wants to.” - almost Lesley Gore / Barbara Gaskin*

*delete as appropriate


Day 11 of #DoddieAid - just walking.

Today’s miles: 4.6
January miles: 110.08

“Not surprised the ceiling’s fallen in, just surprised it didn’t happen yesterday.” - almost Eeyore


Day 10 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift, stage 1.

Today’s miles: 13.09
January miles: 105.48

Zwift screenshot


Day 9 of #DoddieAid - and the big wheel keeps on turning.

Today’s miles: 10.29
January miles: 92.39

Read the My Name’5 Doddie strategic plan?


Day 8 of #DoddieAid - back to indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 10.15
January miles: 82.10

The day of the snood.


Finished reading: The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Daré 📚

At times a sweet, coming of age tale of a young Nigerian girl; but also a sequence of harrowing life events that shouldn’t happen to a 14 year old girl - but in reality are all too common.

Day 7 of #DoddieAid - first 5k run of the year, 0°C.

Today’s miles: 4.41
January miles: 71.95

If you don’t want to join in, but still want to help cure MND, you can donate via JustGiving.


Day 6 of #DoddieAid - racing (sic) on Zwift, single lap of the Champs-Élysées.

Today’s miles: 9.61
January miles: 67.54

Met an old friend for lunch. Sat at table 6, on day 6. I am not a number.


Day 5 of #DoddieAid - and it’s back to indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 12.6
January miles: 57.93

It’s gonna perhaps break 3ºC at weekend, so perhaps I will venture outside on the bike…


Day 4 of #DoddieAid - adventuring across the local military firing range - survived.

Today’s miles: 5.41
January miles: 45.33

If only someone would take the time to normalise the leaderboards ‘per member’. 👀 Everyone’s a winner.


Found myself writing only the slightest of AppleScript snippets tonight. The language is now over 38 years old, and still supported in macOS 12.1 (Monterey). It doesn’t get a lot of public-facing love. A lost opportunity, or feature overdue for retirement?


Day 3 of #DoddieAid - another dog walk and more indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 17.06
January miles: 39.92

You call support the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation in many ways, including by purchasing loud tartan underwear - why wouldnt you?


Toki Pona (kinda literally “The Language of Good”) has an alphabet of 14 characters, and a vocabulary of only a few dozen words.

Surely we could all pick that up? How about we give it a go this year? #TokiPona


Day 2 of #DoddieAid - more indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 12.18
January miles: 22.86

A smart trainer, a spare bike, and a Zwift subscription make a great indoor cycling setup.