• Off to Edinburgh today, to meet✝ Vint Cerf.

    ✝ Meet (vb.) to be within acceptable tolerances of the same GPS identifiable location.

  • Perceptual cliffs and credit card thin iPhones would be a good starter for a critical thinking, next-generation device discussion.

    Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow - John Siracusa

  • The downside of cabled updates…

    Tangled 30-pin cables
  • There are many issues with Configurator and VPP that need to be sorted, in order to scale this operation up by a factor of 30!

  • And the second set of iPads were deployed today! Next week the real business end begins…

  • It’s been a long journey so far, but today our first set of pupil iPads have been deployed. Happy days!

  • And tomorrow (today) is provisioning day! I really should start writing this up…

  • Computing and Information Science - feedback

    The SQA, and no doubt a large host of teachers and consultants, have been busy in recent months building the framework for the new Senior Phase courses that are designed to embed the ideas of Curriculum for Excellence into Scotland’s qualifications, including the “gold standard” Higher. As part of … read more

  • #EduScotICT

    A month ago Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Education, Michael Russell MSP, recently posted a message on YouTube announcing a consultation into the future of GLOW. In one week there will be a conference in Stirling, with a mix of invited guests attending, with streaming of discussions for anyone to … read more