• Truly that is news.

    Apple News screenshot with the text: You blocked The Sun
  • TIL - Xcode can display build time right there in the activity view:

    defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode ShowBuildOperationDuration YES

    Command line preference settings. Living in the future.

  • Collaboration of the day… presumably an album is in the works.

    XKCD x Leonard Cohen

  • UK energy company Northern Powergrid…

    has apologised after 74 customers hit by power cuts during Storm Arwen accidentally received compensation cheques for trillions of pounds.

    BBC News

  • I am guessing that Apple didn’t do that much Neil and Joni promotion before this week.

    Apple Music screenshot advertising Neil Young and Joni Mitchell music
  • Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 7

    Zwift screenshot
  • Day 31 of #DoddieAid - out with a whimper.

    Today’s miles: 2.92
    January 2022 total exercise miles: 262.50

    Over £400k raised (inter)nationally this January for the [My Name'5 Doddie Foundation] (https://doddieaid.com/leaderboard).

  • Day 30 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 6.

    Today’s miles: 20.4
    January miles: 259.58

    Zwift screenshot
  • Day 29 of #DoddieAid - only chores.

    Today’s miles: 1.8
    January miles: 239.18

    Do you know that moment when your german shepherd leaps at your wall-mounted TV when it sees an animated bird that it really wants to chase, and cracks the screen beyond repair?

    Yeah, that.

  • Day 28 of #DoddieAid - running like a fish.

    Today’s miles: 7.52
    January miles: 237.38

    A word picture is worth a thousand stills.

  • Day 27 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 5.

    Today’s miles: 14.22
    January miles: 230.86

    Zwift screenshot
  • Day 26 of #DoddieAid - know thyself.

    Today’s miles: 2.73
    January miles: 216.64

    Another UCAS (UK university application) deadline flies by. Now we wait.

  • Day 25 of #DoddieAid - am I meant to be exercising?

    Today’s miles: 2.92
    January miles: 213.91

  • Day 24 of #DoddieAid - restless day.

    Today’s miles: 3.23
    January miles: 210.99

    Finally set up a discord account. i presume therefore that all the right people have already moved to something else.

  • Day 23 of #DoddieAid - git on thi push iron.

    Today’s miles: 11.09
    January miles: 207.76

    One of the unsettling things about Zwift is cycling on virtual roads that you have ridden the real equivalents of. It’s the same. But it’s not. It’s not worse, just different.

  • Day 22 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 4.

    Today’s miles: 11.96
    January miles: 196.67

    Zwift screenshot
  • Day 21 of #DoddieAid - more procrastination.

    Today’s miles: 4.47
    January miles: 184.71

    Did you know? - 1 in 300 people are at risk of developing the incurable MND in their lifetime.

  • Day 20 of #DoddieAid - 5k, with 100m of up.

    Today’s miles: 6.77
    January miles: 180.24

    I said. I did. No pictures. It’s for the best.

  • Just one of the reasons to watch pro cycling:

    “This is the valley where in 218 B.C., Hannibal came through here with 90000 men and 10000 horsemen and thirty seven elephants on his way back home…”

    Mini-Stories: Volume 14 - 99% Invisible

  • Day 19 of #DoddieAid - didn’t get to Zwift tonight, because work.

    Today’s miles: 3.07
    January miles: 173.47

    If I say now that I will ‘run’ 5k after work tomorrow is it more likely to happen?

  • Day 18 of #DoddieAid - mostly exercising my mind.

    Today’s miles: 2.57
    January miles: 170.4

    Spent my working day in Visual Studio. SSRS. Learning by doing.

  • Day 17 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 3.

    Today’s miles: 15.19
    January miles: 167.63

    Zwift screenshot
  • We cannot get wired broadband at home, so we gave Starlink serious consideration. Coincidentally my wife wants another cat. 🤔

    Outdoor Cats Are Using $500 Starlink Satellite Dishes as Self-Heating Beds - Smithsonian Magazine

  • Day 16 of #DoddieAid - and another 5k.

    Today’s miles: 4.54
    January miles: 152.44

    Selfie in My Name'5 Doddie snood
  • Day 15 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 2.

    Today’s miles: 11.64
    January miles: 147.90

    Climbing Box Hill…

    Zwift screenshot