• I’ve never read Natalie Guest’s blog but this comment on her email subscription page persuaded me to try:

    [Her writing] does have a knack of keeping me reading on even when I have better things to do

    I always have ‘better’ things to do.

  • Murdo, with stick

  • Corrie Fee, Glendoll

  • Carolyn on Mastodon:

    Could you please not denigrate a man by equating him to a woman? There are a lot of asshole men you can draw from.


  • Falls of Unich, Glen Lee

    View from the Falls of Unich, down towards Glen Lee.
  • 🕹 Casual Birder - Playdate Season 1, Game 1

    The first title is a groovy Pokémon-esque throwback for twitchers - gotta snap ’em all! Pokémon games were never my thing, but they might be yours.

    But, holy cow, the text is small for my old eyes. Playdate XL, Panic?

    Casual Birder title screen - a game for Playdate
  • Michael Amundsen:

    Even the simplest screens in an app should be architected to allow for scrolling.

    Every Screen in Your App Should Be a Scrolling View - Lickability

  • iPhone Screen Sizes (iOS 16)

    When developing for iPhone today, if you can set a minimum version of iOS 16.2 then you need to be prepared to support the following phones and their respective screen sizes.

    That’s ten different screen sizes from an iPhone 81 to an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    Device Logical Dimensions Scaling Factor Physical Dimensions
    iPhone 14 Pro Max 430 x 932 @3x 1290 x 2796
    iPhone 14 Pro 393 x 852 @3x 1179 x 2556
    iPhone 14 Plus
    iPhone 13 Pro Max
    iPhone 12 Pro Max
    428 x 926 @3x 1284 x 2778
    iPhone 14
    iPhone 13 Pro
    iPhone 13
    iPhone 12 Pro
    iPhone 12
    390 x 844 @3x 1170 x 2532
    iPhone 13 mini
    iPhone 12 mini
    375 x 812 @3x
    1080 x 2340
    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone XS Max
    414 x 896 @3x 1242 x 2688
    iPhone 11 Pro
    iPhone XS
    iPhone X
    375 x 812 @3x 1125 x 2436
    iPhone 11
    iPhone XR
    414 x 896 @2x 828 x 1792
    iPhone 8 Plus 414 x 736 @3x
    1080 x 1920
    iPhone SE (3nd gen)
    iPhone SE (2nd gen)
    iPhone 8
    375 x 667 @2x 750 x 1334

    Comparing devices for “how much they can show on the screen” you should look at the Logical Dimensions column.

  • Path to Ethie, Angus

    Walking the dogs on a track to Ethie, with the North Sea in the background
  • Finished reading: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes 📚

    A poignant exploration of the fragility of our psyche.

  • 🕹 Playdate - initial impressions: perfectly cute, beautifully engineered

    Kudos to Panic for bringing artisanal whimsy back to the world of video games.

    Playdate handheld game system, in standby mode with open purple cover
  • Slàinte Mhath 🥃

    Apple Fitness+ badge for completing first yoga workout, 1 January 2023
  • It’s too late this year, but next… what do you do for hogmanay?

    [David Sparks watches] Star Wars, Episode IV, in such a way that the Death Star blows up precisely a the stroke of midnight.

    Blowing Up the Death Star at Midnight, Again - MacSparky

  • Looks like I am on a triennial blog refresh cycle.



    • direction of next/previous buttons (also missing from posts)
    • post category labels
  • Vaccinated.

    Virus: SARS-CoV-2
    Vaccine: Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent
    Dose number: 4
    Superpowers: »tracking disabled»

  • Truly that is news.

    Apple News screenshot with the text: You blocked The Sun
  • TIL - Xcode can display build time right there in the activity view:

    defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode ShowBuildOperationDuration YES

    Command line preference settings. Living in the future.

  • Collaboration of the day… presumably an album is in the works.

    XKCD x Leonard Cohen

  • UK energy company Northern Powergrid…

    has apologised after 74 customers hit by power cuts during Storm Arwen accidentally received compensation cheques for trillions of pounds.

    BBC News

  • I am guessing that Apple didn’t do that much Neil and Joni promotion before this week.

    Apple Music screenshot advertising Neil Young and Joni Mitchell music