• Day 14 of #DoddieAid - another rest day?

    Today’s miles: 3.11
    January miles: 136.26

    Meh. Should have been doing TdZ Stage 2.

  • Day 13 of #DoddieAid - rest day.

    Today’s miles: 1.12
    January miles: 133.15

    Just because I have had enough, don’t let me stop you!

  • Day 12 of #DoddieAid - my first Zwift meet up.

    Today’s miles: 21.95
    January miles: 132.03

    “It’s his party and he’ll lie if he wants to.” - almost Lesley Gore / Barbara Gaskin*

    *delete as appropriate

  • Day 11 of #DoddieAid - just walking.

    Today’s miles: 4.6
    January miles: 110.08

    “Not surprised the ceiling’s fallen in, just surprised it didn’t happen yesterday.” - almost Eeyore

  • Day 10 of #DoddieAid - Tour de Zwift 2022, stage 1.

    Today’s miles: 13.09
    January miles: 105.48

    Zwift screenshot
  • Day 9 of #DoddieAid - and the big wheel keeps on turning.

    Today’s miles: 10.29
    January miles: 92.39

    Read the My Name'5 Doddie strategic plan?

  • Day 8 of #DoddieAid - back to indoor cycling.

    Today’s miles: 10.15
    January miles: 82.10

    The day of the snood.

  • Finished reading: The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Daré 📚

    At times a sweet, coming of age tale of a young Nigerian girl; but also a sequence of harrowing life events that shouldn’t happen to a 14 year old girl - but in reality are all too common.

  • Day 7 of #DoddieAid - first 5k run of the year, 0°C.

    Today’s miles: 4.41
    January miles: 71.95

    If you don’t want to join in, but still want to help cure MND, you can donate via JustGiving.

  • Day 6 of #DoddieAid - racing (sic) on Zwift, single lap of the Champs-Élysées.

    Today’s miles: 9.61
    January miles: 67.54

    Met an old friend for lunch. Sat at table 6, on day 6. I am not a number.

  • Day 5 of #DoddieAid - and it’s back to indoor cycling.

    Today’s miles: 12.6
    January miles: 57.93

    It’s gonna perhaps break 3ºC at weekend, so perhaps I will venture outside on the bike…

  • Day 4 of #DoddieAid - adventuring across the local military firing range - survived.

    Today’s miles: 5.41
    January miles: 45.33

    If only someone would take the time to normalise the leaderboards ‘per member’. 👀 Everyone’s a winner.

  • Found myself writing only the slightest of AppleScript snippets tonight. The language is now over 38 years old, and still supported in macOS 12.1 (Monterey). It doesn’t get a lot of public-facing love. A lost opportunity, or feature overdue for retirement?

  • Day 3 of #DoddieAid - another dog walk and more indoor cycling.

    Today’s miles: 17.06
    January miles: 39.92

    You call support the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation in many ways, including by purchasing loud tartan underwear - why wouldnt you?

  • Toki Pona (kinda literally “The Language of Good”) has an alphabet of 14 characters, and a vocabulary of only a few dozen words.

    Surely we could all pick that up? How about we give it a go this year? #TokiPona

  • Day 2 of #DoddieAid - more indoor cycling.

    Today’s miles: 12.18
    January miles: 22.86

    A smart trainer, a spare bike, and a Zwift subscription make a great indoor cycling setup.

  • Day 1 of #DoddieAid - beach walk with the dogs and a wee indoor cycle.

    Today’s miles: 10.68
    January miles: 10.68

    It’s not too late to join. Do some exercise, donate some money, and help cure Motor Neuron Disease.

    Happy New Year!

  • My trusty 2014 MBP is still an amazing machine, but the temptation was too great. 👀

    ✅ M1 Pro
    ✅ XDR display with Promotion
    ✅ Touch ID
    ✅ macOS Monterey
    ✅ skipping all the models with no ports and keyboard issues

    Here’s to the next seven years. 🍻

  • We should expect our children to leave indelible marks on our lives, but today our youngest took that literally.

    Black hare tattoo (on forearem)
  • Instagram, $1 bn
    Oculus VR, $2 bn
    WhatsApp, $19 bn

    DNS SysAdmin? Priceless.

  • Vaccinated.

    Virus: SARS-CoV-2
    Vaccine: Pfizer-BioNTech
    Dose number: booster
    Superpowers: /dev/null

  • Moving Day. It’s all about the state of mind. 🧘

    Tranquil pond with small waterfall.
  • Not sure why, but it catches me every year. Repeat after me:

    WWDC keynotes are not really for developers.
    WWDC keynotes are not really for developers.
    WWDC keynotes are not really for developers.
    WWDC keynotes are not really for developers.
    WWDC keynotes are not really for…

  • Amen:

    “Children shouldn’t be subjected to Teams.”

    @siracusa, ~53 mins into ATP, episode 428

  • Somehow @siracusa’s games simultaneously captivate and dumbfound me.