103 2011

Thank heavens for families. They keep me sane (or at least some family-norm referenced approximation of sanity).

My insurance company are organisationally dishevelled. I hope my car gets fixed on Monday.

Our house buyer is reticent about actually committing to an offer, hoping instead to complete telepathically. Just as well we like living where we do!

I worked a little today. Scheduled a meeting today, while on holiday. How dedicated am I? And another tomorrow. Go me!

I have a dodgy tummy today, but what the heck… Chinese food overload this evening. Strangely, this has not cured my digestive grumblings.

And should tomorrow throw up actual problems, I know my bookshelves are packed with helpful, constructive advice on solving them.

So long as we suffer prolonged flooding or invasion by a robotic master race! Sorted!