076 2011

Should we worry that one of our daughters has a teacher that patently does not know her capabilities, strengths, or weaknesses. He could not tell us how she might improve, just that there was little chance of it happening. Not through lack of application or misbehaviour. Apparently “knowledge” is the problem. Not a lack of it especially, any aspect of it in particular, or a small portion of it - just knowledge! It’s hard. Yup, as a reason for her not being able to improve he actually said that getting a better mark is “hard”.

It frustrates me that teachers do not always want to find the time to know and understand their students. Some do not want to cultivate opportunity or foster talent. How can change be effected in education while some practitioners are only interested in dictating notes and collecting a wage?

Apologies for the rant, fellow blippers. Normal service to be returned tomorrow.