Day 6 of #DoddieAid - racing (sic) on Zwift, single lap of the Champs-Élysées.

Today’s miles: 9.61
January miles: 67.54

Met an old friend for lunch. Sat at table 6, on day 6. I am not a number.


Day 5 of #DoddieAid - and it’s back to indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 12.6
January miles: 57.93

It’s gonna perhaps break 3ºC at weekend, so perhaps I will venture outside on the bike…


Day 4 of #DoddieAid - adventuring across the local military firing range - survived.

Today’s miles: 5.41
January miles: 45.33

If only someone would take the time to normalise the leaderboards ‘per member’. 👀 Everyone’s a winner.


Day 3 of #DoddieAid - another dog walk and more indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 17.06
January miles: 39.92

You call support the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation in many ways, including by purchasing loud tartan underwear - why wouldnt you?


Day 2 of #DoddieAid - more indoor cycling.

Today’s miles: 12.18
January miles: 22.86

A smart trainer, a spare bike, and a Zwift subscription make a great indoor cycling setup.


Day 1 of #DoddieAid - beach walk with the dogs and a wee indoor cycle.

Today’s miles: 10.68
January miles: 10.68

It’s not too late to join. Do some exercise, donate some money, and help cure Motor Neuron Disease.

Happy New Year!